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Botox Cosmetic Treatments

Not all Botox is created equal. We offer "The Strategic Aesthetic Lift Technique". Dr David Bloom was trained by Dr Warren Roberts "one of the world’s experts on Botox Cosmetic".

This is the Botox treatment you want if you’re looking for a beautiful, natural looking result, comfortable injections and less than a 1% chance of side effects. This method takes more time and planning (not the typical 15 minute visit) but listen to our clients (we call them our happy Botoxers) and they’ll tell you its well worth it!! (See testimonials below). According to Warren Roberts DMD (one of the world’s leading experts on Botox) this is the only method that ensures a 99% satisfaction rate and your comfort!

For those who don’t know the wonders of Botox Cosmetic it is a revolutionary anti-aging treatment that fades lines, smoothes wrinkles and can lift the mid face. Results can be dramatic but temporary and needs to be redone every three to four months. As it is injection-based precision is key. This is where our method "strategic aesthetic lift" differs; we target the muscle that causes the lines/ wrinkles (not the typical method of targeting the lines/wrinkles). The results speak for themselves. You will barely feel the injections (given just under the skin at an angle so almost no chance for bruising or discomfort) and as we target the muscle you’ll get a natural looking lift with less of a 1% chance of side effects.

Dr. Bloom DMD (restorative and cosmetic dentist) received his training at PTIFA (Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics) in Vancouver BC with Warren Roberts DMD (one of the world’s leading experts on Botox Cosmetic). PTIFA trains dentists exclusively as they have the perfect skill sets; have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetics of the face and smile and talent for giving a painless injection. The PTIFA approach called "strategic aesthetic lift" is state-of-the-art, Botox is injected into the muscle, the muscle relaxes which leads to a smoothing of the forehead area and gives lift to the mid face. Dr Bloom has a 100% satisfaction with no side effects.

Unlike other Botox providers ours is a two-step process; your initial visit is a consult with Dr Bloom (usually 45 min) to discuss your goals, plan your treatment and take a series of photographs that serves as your photographic documentation. Your next visit is shorter (20-30 min), based on your plan Dr Bloom will mark areas to treat, photograph and deliver your Botox. In two weeks we ask you back for your follow-up (15 min), he’ll photograph again and you’ll have fun comparing your before and after series. If you haven’t reached your goals you may consider additional treatment in certain areas.

Treatment feels like a mild insect bite, the needles are very small but to insure your comfort we can numb the area with a cold pack. The results will begin to show in 7 days and fully in 14 days. The fee for treatment is based on amount of Botox units required to achieve your aesthetic goals. The typical treatment for a woman ranges from 50-70 units ( forehead, glabella (frown lines), and crow’s feet). We’ve noticed that if you work out regularly you may need more as your muscles are stronger (even in the face).

We use Botox Cosmetic from Allergan, charge $12 a unit, which includes your photographic documentation.

Review our frequenly asked questions about your Botox treatment.


"I have had Botox cosmetic treatments at Medical Spa and I have to say, if you want to gain knowledge of what you are having done to your face, I highly recommend Doctor David Bloom. When I had my consultation with Dr. Bloom, he made me feel comfortable with the entire procedure and I knew exactly what I was getting when I had my treatment done. Doctor Bloom has given me excellent results with little or no discomfort at all. I am extremely happy."


Christine Rapazzo

Dr Bloom did a great job with my forehead. Every line across my brow vanished within a couple of days and the vertical lines between my eyebrows are gone. Takes years off my face! And it was the most comfortable Botox I’ve ever had –barely felt the injections!!

Thanks Dr. David!


Dr Sharon Livingston

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