Full Mouth Rehab

The Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This is one the most exciting areas in dentistry, helping patients regain their confidence, and their smile with twenty-first century technologies. Given his two plus decades experience in advanced clinical methods, and long standing partnership with Nu Craft Dental Arts, Dr. Bloom offers his patients solutions that will give them back the form and function of natural teeth. There is no judgment, only the care and commitment to guide you to the best treatment options. Whether your issues stem from severe wear, bruxism, extensive decay, tooth loss, periodontal disease, replacement of old dental work, a bad bite, crooked teeth, enamel erosion, retained deciduous teeth, genetically small teeth, and tetracycline stain, or trauma, he’ll partner with you on your journey back to health.

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Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry—Sub Specialties: Bite Issues, TMJ Pain and Headaches—New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.