Biomimetric Dentistry
Biomimetic restorations

Adhesive Dentistry with Bonded or Milled Composite—Minimally-Invasive Solutions

Minimally-Invasive SolutionsIf you have broken, damaged and worn down teeth we can restore them without taking away too much tooth structure, maximizing your comfort. The goal is to return teeth to their original strength, function, and beauty using  bonded restorations made from a composite material or veneers and onlays/inlays in composite or porcelain. This preserves more tooth structure, and the health of the tooth’s pulp that can often damaged with more invasive treatment, As in all of our treatment that restore teeth back to healthy these bonded restorations look and function like your natural teeth.

 Dr. Bloom is a specialist in adhesive dentistry using bonded or milled composite— biomimetic principles. He trained at the world-class teaching institute-IDEA-Los Angeles CA

For all restorative treatment, Dr. Bloom will check your bite until he’s assured that you’re in harmony—your TMJ’s are in their resting position,  your fascial muscles calm and your system is stable.


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Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry—Sub Specialties: Bite Issues, TMJ Pain and Headaches—New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.