Scaling and Root Planting using Biolase Soft Tissue Laser

Scaling and Root Planing

This involves thoroughly scaling all plaque, bacterial toxins and tartar deposits from your teeth and root surfaces; and then root planing, which smoothes all rough areas on your roots’ surfaces. Smooth root surfaces keep bacteria, plaque and tartar from re-adhering underneath the gum line, allowing your gums to heal and reattach themselves more firmly. We use Biolase-a soft tissue laser that delivers deep laser ligtht therapy easily and comfortably to restore health of your gum tissues. Laser therapy is incedibly effective and protective—the goal is  to prevent bigger issues down the road. No question that dental lasers revolutionary in periodontal care.

After the Procedure

At a follow-up visit, your dentist will want to check on the healing of your gums and the status of your pockets. The good news is that in most cases, red or swollen gum tissue becomes firm and pink again, bleeding is reduced or eliminated and pockets get smaller. If your gum tissue has responded well and remains stable, you may not need any further treatment. More advanced periodontal conditions, on the other hand, may require surgical interventions by a periodontist after root planing and scaling to stop the progression of bone loss. However, your scaling and root planing treatment often lessens the amount of surgery you might need. After treatment, whether it’s surgical or nonsurgical, your dentist may want to put you on a schedule of maintenance visits.  These maintenance visits consist of routine cleanings and the careful examination of your gum tissue, as well as measurements of your pocket depths and gum recession.


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