Restoring with a Porcelain Bridge—E-MAX or Zironia—Alternative to Dental Implant(s)

When replacing missing/broken teeth in the front of the mouth (the aesthetic zone), Dr Bloom may prefer a porcelain bridge instead of dental implant(s). While we may have to cut into adjacent teeth, a bridge offers a better aesthetic result because it won’t negatively impact the gum tissue level (avoiding dark space and other aesthetics disasters). Porcelain ceramics offer beauty and strength. Dr. Bloom works with E-Max and Zirconia— E-Max is a gorgeous porcelain that is bonded to the natural teeth. The bonded E-Max  bridge is exceptionally strong, while having a natural lustre. Our ceramic artisan can design the bridge to be customized with feldspathic porcelain. With meticulous detail and care, our ceramist layers by hand so your bridge with have the look and feel of a natural teeth. Zironia, the strongest of all porcelain is another optimal treatment when layered with feldspathic porcelain. Choosing the right mix of materials is integral to the success of your treatment with regard to aesthetics, function, long term wear and your comfort.

Dr. Bloom has a wealth of knowledge in this restorative process, and partners with ceramic artisans so that the bridge restoration looks life-like and natural. This is the ideal treatment solution should you prefer not to have implant treatment.

We only work with Niche Dental Studio and Nucraft Dental Arts—world class ceramists known for their stunning custom work.

For all restorative treatment, Dr. Bloom will check your bite until he’s assured that you’re in harmony—your TMJ’s are in their resting position, facial muscles calm and your system is stable. 


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