Dental Implants

Solution for Missing or Failing Teeth

Preserving Bone is Anti-Aging!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option for replacing one or more missing teeth, acting as a root replacement (integrated in the bone) gives us  stable foundation to restore your mouth with individual crowns, or multi toothed bridge or to support a denture–the implant looks and functions as natural teeth while stimulating bone growth. Preserving bone is crucial to looking youthful.

Dr. Bloom works closely with two periodontists and specialists for implant placement. He believes a well-trained periodontist is best qualified for initial implant placement to preserve the integrity of the bone and tissue.  As the quarterback, he guides the surgeon as to where to place implant(s) for the best restorative result. Not to get too into the weeds, implant dentistry is complex, not a one and done. Once placed, the implant(s) must rest for four months before restorative treatment to allow proper bone integration. Dr. Bloom is one of the few who uses a custom abutment (around the implant) to assure long-term restorative success. Because a dental implant has zero flex (unlike a natural tooth) he’ll assess how many pounds of pressure and torquing forces you exert and if the implant is in line to keep your bite stable. With these metrics, he’ll choose the best restorative treatment to give you optimal results in aesthetics and function.  We only work with dental lab professionals who abide by Dr. Bloom’s exacting standards such as using articulators for bite simulation and custom abutments.

We only work with Nucraft Dental Arts and Niche Dental Studio—world class ceramists known for their stunning custom work

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