When treating more complex issues— restoring with multiple crowns, veneers, bridges or dental implants (where health, comfort and function are the priority) aesthetics also play a major role. I work with world-class ceramists so your restored teeth look natural, reflect the light— natural teeth are NEVER opaque.

I’m not happy until you have a beautiful smile with a balanced, stable bite where the joints seat properly and you’re comfortable and fully functional. Your new look must suit your profile, complexion and personality.


I’m often asked if I’m an aesthetic dentist, restorative dentist, implant dentist or TMJ pain specialist— actually I’m all of the above. Even for the simplest cosmetic issue (like a composite filling) I pay close attention to your bite and the positioning of your joints (TMJ) to avoid TMJ pain and other issues.

We Will Restore Your Smile with The Dental Implant Solution…

Dr. David Bloom is driven by his passion for medicine. He’s a master dentist—world-class trained in dental implants, aesthetics and a specialist in the bite and TMJ pain.  For over thirty years he’s practiced with the philosophy that a dentist must have the accuracy of an engineer, the eye of an artist, and given the rapid advances in technique and technology must take time out of practice for their own intensive hands-on clinical training. Given his talent and dedication, Dr. Bloom has earned the elite distinction at the Pankey Institute (one of the leading institutes in the world for advanced dental training) has an instructor for twelve years and sits on their board of advisors.

Dr. David Bloom - Master Dentist
New Hampshire Cosmetic Dentistry

What a World-Class Ceramic Artisan is saying


“As a laboratory professional I have trained with the best around the world, and how I was introduced to Dave, He is a dentist on a mission to learn with the best, deliver the best to his patients . Our collaboration began 25 years ago and I am proud to say treating patients with Dave is 100% about Principle Center Dentistry. Dave will definitely deliver a smile you will love.”

Terry Fohey | nucraftdental.com

Michael Buble - New England Dental Arts

Our day with International Recording Artist Michael Buble

When Michael Buble broke a tooth at 1am tearing open a ketchup packet, his road manager called us. That next morning, Buble’s team calls the house (we’re closed on Fri) asking if there was a way we could see Michael. At first, I thought it was a crank call. Andre said Micheal was short on time—he was performing that night. I had to get David out of a surgical suite (he was assisting a colleague), and then call the team and ask them in. It all worked. Buble and his assistant arrive in a limo-couldn’t have been nicer and more humble. We all left with hugs and photos with him Before they left said they’d leave tickets for the show, our office manager at the time was a major fan-she was over the moon. They put us front row center-calling us out after the show-thanking David for taking care of him. The press from this went national. When we asked Andre why us, when there are at least 100 dentists in Manchester-he said Michael wants the Master Dentist.

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Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry—Sub Specialties: Bite Issues, TMJ Pain and Headaches—New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.