Porcelain Crowns

Enhancing and Beautifying Your Smile with Porcelain Dental Crowns
Porcelain Ceramics offer beauty and strength—We Work with E-Max and Zirconia Porcelain

Why Do I need a porcelain crown?

If you have broken, cracked or excessively work teeth that aren’t aesthetic, Dr. Bloom will restore them with a gorgeous, luminous porcelain‚ E-Max or Zirconia . With meticulous care, he’ll sculpt your natural tooth, taking just enough structure so that the crown seats perfectly and looks natural.

What the difference bertween E-Max and Zironia and why does it matter?

Choosing the right porcelain is critical to meeting your treatment goals. If you’re not a heavy grinder, we’ll restore your teeth with E-Max that our lab partner/artisan will customize by hand layering feldapathic porcelain to give it a nartural luster. The E-Max crown is bonded to your natural tooth giving it exceptional strength.

How long will my bonded crown last?

The bonded E-Max or Zirconai crown is exceptionally strong, while having a natural lustre should last up to twenty years.

Do I need a Zirconia crown?

If you’re a heavy grinder, and exert excessive force on your teeth, Dr. Bloom will suggest restoring with Zironia, the strongest porcelain. Stronger than E-Max, Zirconia can withstand heavy grinding, the only give back is that it doesn’t the same luster as E-Max. To bridge the gap, our lab artisan will hand layer feldpathic porcelain so it’s beautiful yet stonger .

Choosing the right materials is integral to the success of your treatment with regard to aesthetics, function, long term wear and your comfort.

What is a provisional or commonly known as a temporary crown?

Why do you need a provisional? Think of it as protoytype— a short trial period to test every aspect of your treatment before going to completion. We need to know that the shape, contour, shading of your provisional crown is spot on— this is the only way we practice.

What is the CEREC Same Day Crown and is it right for me?

If you have broken or excessively worh teeth in the back of the mouth (not in the smile zone), you’re a greant candidate for the CEREC same day crown. We design and mill your crown in-house and seat it in the same day. If it meets our standards, and you love it, you’re in and out in one visit. This is a real crowd pleaser.

We only work with Niche Dental Studio and Nucraft Dental Arts who do custom work and abide by world-class quality/standards.

For all restorative treatment, Dr. Bloom will check your bite — that your joints are on the hinge access and resting, facial muscles calm and your system is stable.