Restoring with Porcelain 

Natural Lustre and Long Lasting

Restoring with Porcelain

E-MAX or Zirconia, hand layered with Feldspathic Porcelain

 Porcelain Ceramics offer beauty and strength. 


Dr. Bloom works with E-Max and Zirconia that is hand layered with luminous feldspathic porcelain. E-Max is a gorgeous porcelain that is bonded to the natural tooth. The bonded E-Max crown is exceptionally strong, while having a natural lustre. Our ceramic artisan designs the crown so they can custom layer with feldspathic porcelain. With meticulous detail and care, the artisan hand layers so your crown with have the look and feel of a natural tooth. Zirconia, the strongest of all porcelain is another optimal treatment when layered with feldspathic porcelain. Dr Bloom chooses between the two depending on your specific situation such as the forces you exert on your teeth from grinding and your aesthetic needs. Choosing the right materials is integral to the success of your treatment with regard to aesthetics, function, long term wear and your comfort.


The Provisional Phase. Why do you need a provisional? Think of it as protoytype. We need to know that the shape, contour, shading of your provisional crown is spot on—a short trial period to test every aspect of your treatment before going to completion. This is the only way we practice when we’re restoring teeth that are within the smile zone.

CEREC. When restoring teeth in the back of the mouth (not in the smile zone), we offer the CEREC same day crown. We design and mill your crown in-house and seat it in the same day. If it meets our standards, and you love it, you’re in and out in one visit.


We only work with Niche Dental Studio and Nucraft Dental Arts who do custom work and abide by world-class quality/standards.

For all restorative treatment, Dr. Bloom will check your bite until he’s assured that you’re in harmony—your TMJ’s are in their resting position, facial muscles calm and your system is stable. 


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