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We are a high-end, high quality, relationship-based practice. We believe that by spending the right amount of time to diagnose, employing the latest technological advances, working with the very best dental laboratories and materials, we offer comprehensive treatment that is long lasting, aligned with your short and long term dental health, and aesthetic goals. And, as we are relationship-based, knowing you (beyond your dental history) and building your trust is vitally important as we work together to achieve your path toward optimal dental health.

Cosmetic Dentistry Salem NH

Martha Bisson, Our Singing Dental Assistant

Martha is Dr. Bloom’s longtime dental assistant and if you’re in the office for more than ten minutes chances are you will hear her sing. Marty has been with David since 1986, we keep asking when she’ll retire but to our delight she’s still with us. From her words “we have such a good time laughing all day, our patients are the best. We cherish her for her sunny disposition, calm and sense of humor and professionalism. Marty and her husband Richie enjoy dining out and spending time with family and friends, especially their three grandchildren Ava and Matthew, and Baby

Cosmetic Dentistry Salem New Hampshire

Erin Fallon, Dental Hygienist

Erin’s mission every day is to make her patients feel comfortable, relaxed and nurtured. She has a devilish personality and dry sense of humor, guaranteed you’ll leave with a big ole smile. She’ll take great care of you with over 22 yrs in the field she’s has all the arrows in her quiver and will show full proof ways to stay healthy. She’s super busy outside the office, a Barre Fitness devotee, married with two grown kids, Mackenzie is now a teacher and Gregory in his first year at UNH. She and Gary enjoy their family life (Gregory is super busy in sports) and vacationing at their lake house.

Cosmetic Dentists Salem New Hampshire

Heidi Williams, Lab Tech/Dental Assistant

Heidi has made a career in dentistry, she’s an incredibly talented lab tech. She makes our custom bite splints and designs and finishes all CERAC crowns—also assists David at least once a week. She’s a pure people person, guaranteed to make you laugh. She’s also a nurturer and busy mom of three (two girls and boy). Ask  her about her favorite season, she’ll smile and say summer. They live on the water and have made their home a lake paradise.

Jessie Kelledy-Office Manager

Jessie joined our practice in May 2020 and brings with her a depth of experience in the dental field—as a lead in business, communications and operations to clinical assistant. Having worked for both insurance-based practices and a Pankey-style practice, she prefers the Pankey method of practice—patient-centric, relationship-building philosophy where the Pankey dentist never cuts corners. Adding to her professional skills, Jessie is warm, thoughtful and a great listener. And to keep the energy on the lighter side she LOVES to kid around. She’s a Mom of Robert, a whippersnap smart four old. The stories she shares daily makes us wonder if he’s 4 going on 20. Ask her about this little guy and be prepared to see the latest pics and videos.

Practice Mascot

This is Bridget Bardet, a Barbet (French Water dog) who loves to meet new humans with kisses. Typically, Pam brings her in on Wednesday afternoon, but she does take requests. She’s has never met a human she didn’t love, if you’re lucky enough to see her, she’s guaranteed to make your day.


Leo is our wild child— a 6 yr old Springer Spaniel, devilish as he is sensitive. Although he’s way to hyper to bring into the practice during office hours, he’s Mr Social on play dates—never met a dog he didn’t want to run with.
Leo loves Bridget, and they have roomies ever day—sometimes whenI’m working out, I have to say guys calm down, don’t kill Mama—hehe… We love our posse.

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