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Porcelain Veneers made from E-Max 

Dr. Bloom works with ceramic artisans who use E-Max that is hand layered with luminous feldspathic porcelain. E-Max is a gorgeous porcelain that is bonded to the natural tooth. The bonded E-Max veneer is strong while having a natural lustre. To achieve natural luster, beauty and strength, our ceramic artisans customize the veneer by layer (by hand) with feldspathic porcelain. With meticulous detail and care, our ceramic artisans hand layer your veneers so that have the look and feel of a natural tooth.

The Porcelain veneer is very thin (1mm) shell of porcelain that’s bonded directly to the tooth requiring minimal or sometimes no tooth reduction. The veneer is semi-transparent like the natural enamel of your tooth so it has a completely natural look when bonded to the tooth. This is a favorite treatment to close spaces, lengthen worn teeth, brighten the entire smile, rebuild broken-down teeth, and correct alignment problems.

We only work with NuCraft Dental Arts and Niche Dental Studio—world class ceramists known for their stunning custom work.

For all restorative treatment, Dr. Bloom will check your bite until he’s assured that you’re in harmony—your TMJ’s are in their resting position, facial muscles calm and your system is stable. 


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