Aesthetic Enhancements with Bonded Composite

Minimal Prep/Smaller Fixes. Dr.Bloom loves working with composite —when bonded, he can treat a host of vexing cosmetic issues elegantly, and often non-invasively. if you have imperfections such as spaces, discolored spots on your teeth (maybe from tetracycline), minor bite issue dues to worn enamel or chipped teeth, Dr Bloom (working with his palette of composite resins that differ in shade and opacity) will treat with composite, then layer meticulously until the tooth’s surface takes on a gorgeous luminous and life-like vitality.

Dr Bloom also uses composite when correcting issues that aren’t in the smile zone, see composite bonding teeth

Having taken hundreds of hours of continuing education with the most skilled dentists in the world today Dr. Bloom is highly skilled in the art of bonded and milled composite solutions.

View Bridgitte, Amy, Sarah and John — Direct Composite Veneers in Our Gallery

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Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry—Sub Specialties: Bite Issues, TMJ Pain and Headaches—New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.