Implant Supported Dentures

Using PEKK Technology

The Bio-Compatible Implant Supported Denture

With thirty years experience in advanced clinical methods, Dr. Bloom has trained
with some of the world’s leading experts in fabricating beautiful, functional, and bio-compatible dentures. When possible, he fabricates an implant-supported denture where the denture is designed to coordinate and function with dental implants. The advantages of this method are two-fold: the dental implant helps to preserve the bone while providing a solid, and secure fit. Dr. Bloom is passionate in changing the common held belief that dentures are uncomfortable, slip, and unaesthetic. Given his extensive training in this area, and superb laboratory partner (Nucraft Dental Arts) his dentures are aesthetic, and function as naturally as is possible.

What to avoid:

  • When a static impression is taken to make the denture that results in an impression with no movement in the mouth that then leads to many sore spots.
  • Denture teeth that are set in a laboratory by a technician, and not in the mouth for aesthetics and speech pattern.
  • Not accounting for shrinkage of acrylic—the majority of dentures made have a10% shrinkage of the acrylic. If this isn’t factored in will lead to an inaccurate fit no matter how precise the impression.

The State of the Art PEKK Implant Supported Custom Designed Denture

This denture prosthesis most closely resembles natural teeth, and is biomimetic, in that it allows for natural movement without any slippage, and as it is fabricated with individual porcelain crowns has a life-like vitality. Think of an anchor and keel that steady a boat, the dental implants function as the anchor, and the keel (a metal bar) balances the forces in the mouth, it is a revolutionary design (using 3D scanning technology) that makes this possible. As this balancing bar is made from PEKK (a revolutionary material that is stronger than human bone, yet has a certain flex), the prosthesis will function much like natural teeth, no slippage, or issues eating, chewing or speaking.

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