The Implant-Supported Denture

What is the implant supported denture? If you have a denture and looking for another option, the implant supported denture is a fixed solution. The dental implants (placed strategically) act as anchors to keep your hybrid appliance secure—literally snaps down on to custom attachments. It is also removeable and easy to cleanse.  It is vitally important that you keep your hydrid denture clean, or other problems will arise.

How do we coordinate this treatment? Dr Bloom works with a team of specialists to assure long-term success. A periodontist places the implants, then with careful guidance, Dr Bloom designs your hybrid denture with a master lab specailist. Our imperatives are that it looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth, while preserving supporting bone, and remaining teeth.  As with all implant treatment, this is a months long process. Once the impant is placed it needs to rest for four months to allow for proper bone integration. During this period, you’ll wear your existing denture.

What is involved in the dental implant procedure? This is a mult-phased treatment.
Phase one—once the surgeon places the implant, it must rest for a minimum of four months before restorative treatment to allow for proper bone integration. 

Phase two and three—Dr. Bloom places a temporary crown (we call it a provisional) on the implant. In this critical phase, Dr Bloom is testing if the implant crown is in harmony with your bite.  Once we’ve got your bite right, he’ll move to Phase three-Dr. Bloom replaces your provisional crown or bridge with the permanent crown or bridge, testing your biting plane and forces to ensure all is in harmony. Then he’ll go to completion.

These phases are mission critical to the long term success of your implant, yet very different than standard practice. Dr Bloom is in the small percentage of dentists who consider the provisional stage critical.  He uses a custom abutment, a fancy term for a small cover aroud the implant. Your new crown fits over this cover, accomplishing two important tasks. One—if the surgeon hasn’t placed the implant in the ideal position, this cover corrects this issue. Unlike a natural tooth, a  tooth with a dental implant has zero flex and cannot withstand excessive forces. So, in the provisional phase, he’ll assess how many pounds of pressure and torquing forces you exert when you bite down.  Second—the cover (custom abutment) protects the implant from cement from seeping around the implant, that causes inflammation, and implant failure. With these metrics, he’ll choose the best material to use for your new implant crown and/or bridge so that you’re assured optimal results in aesthetics and function.

We only work with dental lab professionals who abide by Dr. Bloom’s exacting standards, they must use articulators for bite simulation and custom abutments for implants. 

We only work with Nucraft Dental Arts —world class ceramists known for their stunning custom work.

Dr Bloom is highly experienced in this field— leading his team, in tight collaboration with the implant surgeon and master lab tech—each specialist playing a vital role. He is passionate in changing the common held belief that dentures are uncomfortable, slip, and are unattractive. He has trained with the world’s leading experts in fabricating beautiful, functional, and bio-compatible implant supported dentures.

 So Go Out And Enjoy Life!

The State of the Art PEKK Implant Supported Custom Designed Denture

This denture prosthesis most closely resembles natural teeth, and is biomimetic, in that it allows for natural movement without any slippage, and as it is fabricated with individual porcelain crowns has a life-like vitality. Think of an anchor and keel that steady a boat, the dental implants function as the anchor, and the keel (a metal bar) balances the forces in the mouth, it is a revolutionary design (using 3D scanning technology) that makes this possible. As this balancing bar is made from PEKK (a revolutionary material that is stronger than human bone, yet has a certain flex), the prosthesis will function much like natural teeth, no slippage, or issues eating, chewing or speaking.

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