Bite Splint Therapy

Our Bite Splint/Custom Mouth Guard

Prevents Damage from Teeth Grinding—

 our preferred long term treatment for

TMJ Pain and Headaches


A custom bite splint/ mouth guard for sleeping, is an essential preventative measure. Over 90% of our patients wear one during sleep. This fabulous appliance prevents damage from grinding while keeping your bite stable so your joints and muscles function without pain. Say Adios to your migraine and cluster headaches. Your bite splint is custom designed for your lower arch, so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing one.

In our practice, we’ve found that over 95% of adult patients grind. Most are unaware, yet they all show some sign/signs of dental stress as in TMJ clicking , popping or pain, teeth fractures or gum issues as supporting bone loss as grinding can destroy supporting bone.

Do you need a custom bite splint? Yes, if you answer yes to more or more questions below.

  • Do you brux during sleep?
  • Do you have headaches (chronic, cluster or migraine)?
  • Do you wake-up with sore facial muscles?
  • Do you have discomfort in your TMJ or feel that something is out of whack or notice a clicking or popping sound when you open your mouth or move from side to side?
  • Have you cracked teeth?
  • Do you have tooth sensitivity esp. a tooth that has already had root canal treatment?
  • Have you teeth changed position, do you see gaps? Why does Dr bloom make each bite splint?  For a bite splint to be protective, it must be designed for your specific bite.
  • This is why Dr. Bloom take exacting records and works with bite simulator that mimics the dynamics of your joints and jaw. Once he’s made your bite splint, over a series of three to five visits, he’ll will fine tune so that you’re protected regardless of how your jaw shifts during sleep. Over 90% of our patients wear one. In fact, they find it hard to sleep without it— love waking up more refreshed and headache free. Our only advise is keep it away from your pooch, Bridget almost made mine a  chew toy.
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Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry—Sub Specialties: Bite Issues, TMJ Pain and Headaches—New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.