Partials Dentures

Partials dentures: Completing smiles, restoring function, and rekindling confidence with personalized precision.

The Claspless Partial Denture

What is a claspless partial denture?

If you have one or more missing teeth and we can’t restore with a fixed bridge (without an implant), a partial denture is a great option. Depending on your situation, we will replace missing teeth with a partial denture designed with precision attachments that snap into place giving you full function. Dr Bloom’s goal is to give you a partial denture that will look and feel as natural as possible while supporting the health of your natural teeth. We design your partial so that it preserves and protects your teeth. The custom fit guarantees you won’t have to worry about food traps, so your remaining teeth stay healthy.

How will partial will look?

Your partial is customized with care and skill so it fits and functions like your natural teeth, Dr Bloom will take very exacting (articulated) models—your partial must be in total harmomy with your bite. Then, there is the look. Dr Bloom partners with a lab specialist who will match your smile so the look is natural. You and Dr. Bloom are partners, and will make changes in comfort and aesthetics when possible, although most of our patients love the final product.

Dr. Bloom has trained with the world’s leading experts in fabricating beautiful, functional, and bio-compatible dentures. He has extensive training and mastery in the design of state-of the art partial dentures that look and function like your own teeth.

What do you do differently that makes your appliance five star?

The teeth on your partial are customized by a lab specialist—you have a say as to how they look.

We take models to simulate your exact situation for form and function.

Your partial is made through the partnership of Dr. Bloom and his lab specialist.

Your partial is customized to your bite so it protects your remaining teeth.