The Claspless Partial Denture

The Claspless Partial Denture
Depending on your situation, we will replace missing teeth with a partial denture—elegant and claspless. Your partial is designed with precision attachments (that don’t show)—snaps into place, giving you full function. Dr Bloom’s goal is to give you a partial denture that will look and feel as natural as possible while supporting the health of your natural teeth. We design your partial so that it preserves and protects your teeth. The custom fit will assure no food traps.

We do it differently:

  • Denture teeth that are set in a laboratory by a technician, and not in the mouth for aesthetics and speech pattern.
  • We take models to simulate your exact situation for form and function.

Dr. Bloom has trained with the world’s leading experts in fabricating beautiful, functional, and bio-compatible dentures. He has extensive training and mastery in the design of state-of the art partial dentures that look and function like your own teeth.

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