Crafting smiles anew, restoring confidence, and embracing comfort with every gentle fit.

Beautiful, Best-Fitting Dentures

With thirty years experience in advanced clinical methods, Dr. Bloom has trained with some of the world’s leading experts in fabricating beautiful, functional, and bio-compatible dentures. Making a beautifully designed denture is becoming a LOST ART, fortunately Dr Bloom has the skills and passion for designing a denture that will look and function like your own.

Why are ours different?

Seated directly on the gum tissue, Dr. Bloom fabricates your denture with three key objectives; comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. He sets the denture teeth in the mouth for aesthetics and proper speech pattern—positioning the teeth as if they were your natural teeth. He then uses a functional impression (hydrocast) that flows for a custom fit.

What makes Dr. Bloom’s dentures so unique is that he follows the contours to fit your pallet. Given this brilliant design, your denture will have far greater retention and ability to withstand torque ( won’t break when eating). His world-class laboratory partner-NuCraft Dental Arts then processes your denture through precision processing, guaranteeing a denture that looks and feels great with superior retention.

When possible, he’ll fabricate an implant-supported denture where the denture is designed to coordinate and function with dental implants. The advantages of this method are two-fold: the dental implant helps to help preserve the bone while providing a solid, and secure fit. Dr. Bloom is passionate is changing the common held belief that dentures are uncomfortable, slip, and are unaesthetic. Given his extensive training in this area, and superb laboratory partner (NuCraft Dental Arts) his dentures have the look, and function as naturally as is possible.