Cosmetic Dentist

Discover Your Dream Smile with Composite Veneers

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Changes.

If you’ve wondered how you’d look with a cosmetic enhancement to your smile—changing length, shape and shape, you could be an ideal candidate for composite veneers. With artistsic application of layered composite resins directly to your teeth, Dr Bloom mimics nature and the look of porcelain. We call it cosmetic dentistry with a tiny brush—other than a polisher, this is the only powered equipment he uses. This technique requires exceptional skill—the precision of a dentist and the eye of an artist. Dr Bloom has trained with the world’s composite specialists.

…Using Analog and Digital

With the trial smile, we can give you a a preview of comstic changes to your smile. This is a non-invasive analog process —quick and ego boosting. By adding composite material over your existing teeth (changing color, and reshaping contours) Dr. Bloom can give you an exciting preview of you new smile. We’ll then photograph your preview. This photograph is yours to keep as you decide if this smile enhancement change is right for you.

The Digital process is a collaboration with Niche Studio, one of our aesthetic lab ceramic teams. We’ll send them a digital scan along with a complete picture as to your specific wants and needs. From here, Dr Bloom and Josh Polansky (team lead) will create a space where you can see a digital simulation of your new smile design. Digital simulations are a crowd pleaser but as they aren’t designed to reference your bite, Dr.Bloom considers them as a one of many aids in his quiver.

Just like an architect starting with a blueprint. Dr Bloom moves slowly
and methodically—showing you every step and bringing you into this exciting process.