Last Wednesday, David put on his instructor’s hat (one of four on head faculty) teaching the four-day introductory course at the Pankey Institute (elite teaching center for dentists-Key Biscayne Fla.). Although it’s a marathon effort (often logging in fourteen-hour days and a missed weekend), he loves engaging with the students as well as the give-back. Pankey is where he found his passion and soul as a dentist while learning exceptional clinical skills in all aspects of restorative practice. Leading a class of 18 young dentists in all areas of clinical practice and communication that are missed in dental school—class and clinic time, the focus was on principles of occlusion. Dr bloom showed these young dentists how to diagnose an occlusal muscle issue through a joint and muscle exam and how to work with a QuickSplint (go-to for aggravated TMJ pain and muscle spasms). This study is not about straightening teeth but maintaining a stable bite and diagnosing and treating the myriad issues caused by a bite in disharmony. Like any other system in our body, when the balance is off mayhem occurs—TMj pain, chronic headaches as well as damage to teeth, gums and supporting bone.

The Pankey philosophy is all about balance—honing clinical skills to offer optimal care while practicing in a low-stress environment where the dentist is appreciated and the patient feels nurtured. The Pankey experience is not to be trifled with. The four days—exhilarating, inspiring and exhausting, is a proven formula to bring out excellence in these young clinicians. Whether you’re a patient or team member, once you’ve experienced the magic of a Pankey practice, you’ll never leave.