Pamela here—Last sunday I tagged along (with my camera) to watch David at work in his lab. Yes, unlike most modern practices we have an in-house lab. Beautiful dentistry, often requires going old school (analog, not digital). We also love digital, but when precision and spot-on accuracy are required, Dr Bloom prefers a hands-on approach. We use digital when it’s best for our patient (CERAC same day crowns, digital scans, Cone beam and Panorax) but when restoring implants or more than one tooth, he prefers the classic methods. As a patient, all you’ll remember is that your restoration(s) will look and feel like your own and won’t carry a disclaimer—may only last 5-7 yrs. To us, this is preposterous to us, take care of things and you should be good for twenty.
Dr. Bloom and his team will accept nothing less.