Chances are, you’ve probably had cosmetic dentistry, but you know it as restorative treatment—crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays or bridge. You trust that your dentist will restore your teeth where they feel and function like your own, but what about how they look? If they look natural (only better), then your dentist follows cosmetic principles. To achieve this natural only better effect,</em> your dentist has paid close attention to shade and contour where your restored teeth blend with your smile. However, from my experience, attention to this level of detail is the exception, not the rule.

For the even simplest of treatment, Dr. Bloom applies cosmetic principles. Achieving that natural only better effect, he works with a ceramist—1/3 lab tech and 2/3 artisan. Multi-talented, a dental ceramist creates a look that mimics natural teeth with unique contours and translucence. Opaque looks fake. If you want them whiter, we’ll bleach before so your restored teeth will blend with your own. As your smile says a lot about you, we want yours to beam your unique brilliance.