Pamela here.
The other night (over cocktails), a friend asked David about a dental implant issue. This was the first time she’d asked something specific— as they’re not patients, David tread lightly, yet sensed they were uncomfortable with his answer. Why haven’t they heard this from their dentist? Why is their dentist telling them about a sinus lift when he hadn’t taken a Digital Cat Scan?

As David’s wife and messaging guru, I have a few take-aways. Most of us are unaware of the complexity of dental implants. We don’t know the right questions to ask or how to choose an implant dentist. Being on the inside, I cringe at the messaging from dental implant centers boasting instant smile in a day. This is misleading and dangerous. While dental implants have revolutionized dentistry, please be mindful that it is a multi-phase treatment— each phase requiring healing time. Messaging about “instant smile with implants” makes my hair stand on end!

In our practice, we use the team approach—David is the quarterback. Following exam findings and 3d scan, David consults with his team (surgeon and lab professional) to plan each treatment phase. He then writes a detailed plan—his guide for your treatment. His goal is your success—your implants should look and feel as natural as possible. If this isn’t your experience, then please re-consider your implant dentist.