Meet Deb, for two years her daughter, Karina (25) was in constant pain—plagued by blinding headaches, she didn’t sleep, eat comfortably or smile much. Life was pretty much just a struggle. Her oral surgeon (out of ideas) recommends that they see Dr Bloom. For Deb,it was either take a chance on a dentist (who’s a TMJ and headache specialist) or follow the treatment of her doctors, recommending a painful surgery that didn’t have a high degree of success. Bottom line, no one could get her out of pain. Fast forward to today—through months of bite splint therapy with Dr Bloom, her pain is down 80%, she’s no longer plagued with headaches eating normally, and back in school. Her father tells us that she’s smiling for the first time in two years.
How did he help he cure her headaches? Dr Bloom diagnoses severe TMJ issues, most likely because her bite is out of whack. It’s like having a pebble in your shoe, it’s mildly annoying and to deal with it you shift your foot around to avoid it. Do this long enough and other parts starts to hurt. The same applies to the bite. Karina, unaware, has adapted to her bad bite to such a degree that she ended up with sever joint issues. This is why every patient in our practice with TMJ trauma starts off with bite splint therapy, by wearing this custom appliance your system stays in balance. Eight months later, Karina is now 80% recovered— by wearing her custom bite splint, her system will stay in harmony and she’ll stay out of pain.