Which Smile Enhancement is right for you? 

This is an aesthetic decision you and Dr. Bloom make together once he understands your aesthetic needs and your dental health. Aesthetic treatment is often preceded by bite splint therapy and/or aligner therapy. Over 90% of our patients wear one of our custom-designed bite splints to safeguard their dental health and protect their natural and restored teeth. In our practice, a healthy bite is fundamental to any restorative/aesthetic change. He may also recommend aligner therapy—to achieve an optimal result he might have to move your teeth into a better position. From here (depending on your health and needs) you’ll consider two aesthetic options to enhance/improve your smile—direct composite veneers and porcelain veneers. Both offer stunning and lasting results

The Direct Composite & Direct/Indirect Veneers (the cousin to porcelain veneers).

For the right candidate, this is a brilliant solution to white, brighten and change the shape/contour of your teeth. It’s non-invasive —no numbing and/or tooth reduction.  Dr. Bloom (world-class trained in this art) uses the polychromatic layering technique with four different types of composite resins to mimic the look of natural teeth. To achieve the desired life-like result, he’ll apply up to twenty layers. The direct/indirect veneers method is the first cousin to the porcelain veneer, the only difference is that the veneer is made from milled composite. This in an in-house procedure, where Dr Bloom gently lifts off the composite veneer to be milled, then etched back on to the tooth. As this is additive only, it is ideal if your teeth are short, or discolored, etc. As Dr. Bloom practices biomimetics (mimicking nature), he always saves natural teeth when possible. This is a brilliant solution for teens when preserving natural structure is always the goal.

Porcelain Veneers.

For optimal results, this requires a tight partnership between the dentist and dental lab ceramic team. We work with Nice Dental Studio and Josh Polansky as the lead ceramic artisan —his talents are internationally acclaimed. Porcelain is the gold standard, and when created by a ceramic artisan, it is nothing less than pure art! All anyone should notice is your gorgeous smile, your veneers will look natural, life-like, vital, and as porcelain is less porous than composite, they are longer lasting. Veneers require modest tooth reduction (otherwise, they’ll look bulky). This treatment is considered as mildly invasive.

Dr. Bloom’s mission—design a smile that looks like your own, only enhanced and youthful—brighter, whiter, with soft contours that mirror your younger self. If you look at a teenager’s smile, nothing stands out except youth and radiance. Dr. Bloom finds beauty in balance and symmetry/asymmetry, as in nature. A guiding principle of his —let nature be your guide. In your consultation, we encourage you to bring in photos, many bring in photos of when they were younger. In the consult, Dr Bloom will ask a lot of questions so he has a clear idea of what you want and what he needs to design. Everything matters, all the way down to your face shape, coloring, and personality. 


Dr. Bloom polishing a direct/indirect composite veneer he created.