We Can Treat Your TMJ pain At Chairside Easily!

Often in fifteen minutes or less, David can calm your pain (severe pain) with a QuickSplint. This is a small appliance (customized to your bite)— the longer you wear it, the better you’ll feel. What is does so quickly is stop pain caused by spasms of your facial muscles. I know this is confusing as you’re sure your pain is from your the TMJ. In almost 90% of all TMJ pain sufferers your pain is occlusal-muscle brought on by stress-related clenching and grinding. This is very destructive habit and if your bite is just tad off (most are) stresses your system. As with any body system, something gives—in this case your facial muscles are in a push/pull to find balance. By calming your muscle hyper-activity, your pain diminishes exponentially.
You’ll go home with your QuickSplint and ask you to wear it as much as you can—think of it as physical therapy. This is a process— one that has brought relief to the 141 TMJ pain sufferers who’ve come through our door this year.
To your health-David Bloom DMD and Team NEDA