From the desk of David Bloom Dmd—getting your ZZZZs?

How do you sleep? Maybe five hours or less—do you wake up frequently during the night? Has your primary care or dentist suggested a sleep study to see if you have an airway breathing issue? If diagnosed with an airway breathing problem then treatment is critical. If the sleep study shows you wake up 15 -30 x an hour, then you’ll need an oral appliance that keeps your airway open. If you wake 30 x or more then you’ll need a different type of oral appliance (that gently brings your jaw forward) or a cpap system that provides a continuous flow of oxygen though the night.

From what I see in our practice (in adults ranging from 18-80), once our poor sleepers (90%) wear a custom-made bite splint, they sleep through the night—wake up refreshed without headache, TMJ, or jaw pain. My advice—when recommended, please have a sleep study and follow guidance. To sleep sounder and wake headache-free, then see a dentist who understands the muscle dynamics of your bite.
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