Have you heard about non-invasive dentistry? Treating non-invasively is a brilliant option for the right candidate. Simply, non-invasive means your dentist won’t remove any tooth structure —no drill or numbing. Instead, using layered composite, we can treat teeth that are excessively worn down or make beautiful cosmetic enhancements. The only downside is composite is more porous than porcelain, so you’ll need touch-ups occasionally. Working with layered composite requires a high skill level, so when looking for a dentist, ask about their hands-on training. Dr. Bloom has over 100 hours of hands-on training with the world’s three composite stars—Dr. Newton Fahl DMD (Brazil), Dr. Didier Dietsche (Switzerland) and Dr Pascal Magne. (USA). Last month, Dr. Bloom trained with all three at the international symposium on non-invasive treatment—Iguazu Falls, Brazil.