1. W.I.D.IO.M (Would I Do It On Me) is the litmus test for every one of our recommendations and treatments—TMJ pain, Quicksplint, custom bite splint, direct composite veneers, porcelain and ceramic crowns and bridges, restoring with dental implants, partial dentures, hybrid dentures and full denture.

2. We treat you, not just your teeth. Before we sit you back, we want to know you—your likes, dislikes, work, play, passion, kids— heck, we’ll even ask about your parakeet.

3. Everything we do reflects the exceptional quality. This means dedicating the time necessary (so we’re not rushed or corners cut) in your consult and treatment. Every material, piece of equipment, and safety measure meets our high standards. Otherwise, what’s the point.

4. Quality of initial exam —this is your first appointment with Dr. Bloom (unless you’re in for a complementary TMJ, cosmetic consult, or 2nd opinion). We owe it to you to be thorough. With this information, Dr. Bloom designs a treatment plan that satisfies both your short and long-term goals for your mouth, teeth, and smile.

5. We photograph a very new patient—taking a series of up to 30 photographs —for your record and ours. And for patients who ask, we’ll take a portrait once you’ve completed treatment.

6. When necessary, we’ll refer and coordinate with one or more specialists who follow the same exacting standards. However, we are the quarterback, and nothing changes in your treatment plan without our Ok.

7. Communication-Dr Bloom and his team are here for you to answer all questions so you’re at ease at all times. No question is too dumb or too many. And if you want to know more about the nerdy side of things, then we’ll take you behind the scenes to have a look at what we do in our in-house lab.

8. You’re in control. Unless you’re in an emergency situation and we need to get you comfortable quickly, you are the captain of your ship. At times, we’ll advise and strongly recommend treatment, but ultimately, it’s up to you how much or how little. We also take and keep precise records, so if you want a second opinion, no problem.

Welcome to New England Dental Arts, we’re thrilled to have you in our practice.