People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Although Dr. Bloom is a master dentist—will treat your TMJ pain, and any large or small dental issue and give you the smile of your dreams, none of this matters if you don’t believe he cares.

Over the 4th of July holiday, I caught up on my reading. A colleague of ours (dentist, teacher, and philosopher) wrote a book about his life. The central theme is philosophical. Do our life and work have a purpose? We see his journey through the lens of a dentist, how he struggled to find joy and a deeper meaning to his medicine. He found his answers through the teachings of Plato and Socrates. By channeling their wisdom as in stay true to true to your values and be virtuous (show courage, have the honor, and treat others as you would them to treat you), patients and their doctors are happier.

As a new patient, before anything clinical, Dr. Bloom wants to know about you—whatever you’re willing to share. So, just in case you’re wondering why Jessie asks so many questions, it’s only to get to know you better, so when you and Dr. Bloom, you’ll have something to chat about. Sharing and chatting is the beginning of your relationship with Dr. Bloom and team NEDA— this is our practice philosophy. We’ll remember the names of your kids, pets, and your passions… This photo says it all. We all sport leopard something on Thursdays (it all started with David’s new leopard scrub cap), and here our patient is also game. We’re tickled pink that she came in for her visit wearing a leopard jacket.