Technologies such as digital scans, impressions and CERAC same day crowns are crowd-pleasers but fall short of pinpoint accuracy. Creating by hand is becoming a lost art—for masters like Dr. Bloom, the old school methods—wax-ups, design by hand, and working on a stone model cannot be matched. The masters know there aren’t any shortcuts to making something beautiful. Just like Dale Chihuly (Master Glass Sculptor) who uses the old school glass blowing methods, Dr Bloom designs this smile make-over by hand using time honored classic methods.  From here, he’ll send photos of his design ideas to his lab partner/ ceramic artisans to reproduce in gorgeous porcelain.

Hand-Designing a Smile Make-over

Mocking up with Composite on Stone Model

Artist Dale Chihiuly (Master Glass Sculptor) using old school method of glass blowing

Bright, natural, luminiscent—Dr. Bloom’s Smile Aesthetic