Beauty in Porcelain. Creating by hand is becoming a lost art—for masters like Dr. Bloom, the old school methods—wax-ups, design by hand, and working on a stone model are essential. The masters know there aren’t any shortcuts when making something beautiful. Digital technologies such as scans, impressions and CEREC same day crowns are crowd-pleasers but fall short on the beauty and accuracy meters. Like Master Glass Sculptor, Dale Chihuly,  using ancient glass blowing methods, Dr Bloom designs your smile make-over using old school methods, working on a model that simulates the bite and customizing the shaping of teeth by hand.

All this information (models, shade guides, his notes and photos) goes to our lab partners/ ceramic artisans to reproduce in gorgeous porcelain.This speaks to having an open channel of dialog between Dr. Bloom and our lab partners—even with all the information we provide, there is often a back and forth. To you, the patient, all you care is that your new veneers or crowns seat easily and feel great and look fabulous. Yes, your smile is enhanced but still looks natural enough so that the compliments are only about your beautiful smile. All this behind the scenes work guarantees you a long lasting and brilliant result. We don’t just want you happy, we want you BEAMING!!!

The Direct Composite Technique. To create the free-hand cosmetic veneers the dentist must have a surgeon’s accuracy and artist’s eye. Using a menu of composite resins, Dr Bloom creates a gorgeous smile enhancement  through meticulous layering of different types of composite directly on to teeth. The process starts by creating a matrix (a model of new desired cosmetic changes), then with his composite palette), he uses a small brush to layers different composite (mimicking each layer of a natural tooth).This intricate layering technique gives the veneer a translucency while enhancing shade and contour. The result is a new smile that looks beautifully natural.  While composite is used widely for smaller fixes and replaces amalgam, this technique requires a high level of skill and hundreds of hours of training with the best in the world. Dr Bloom has studied under Newton Fahl DDS (Brazil), Pasquel Manier (I.D.E.A Center-S.F) and Didier Dietschi-Geneva Smile Center (Switzerland).

How to choose? Your decision can be as easy as budget limits, direct composite veneers are less expensive than porcelain. Or, if you want to go a lot brighter and need a bleach shade, then choose porcelain.  We’ve found that the bleach shades in composite tend to look a bit opaque and less natural. Lastly, if want the least invasive method (no numbing or tooth reduction) choose the composite veneer. Beyond that, choose what makes you happiest.

Mocking up with Composite on Stone Model

Artist Dale Chihiuly (Master Glass Sculptor) using old school method of glass blowing

The artistry of Direct Composite Veneers 

Bright, natural, luminous porcelain—Dr. Bloom’s Smile Aesthetic