Dateline I.D.E.A Center-San Francisco-Oct 15-Oct 17 2021-Becoming a Master in the Art of Composite Dentistry

Last weekend (while we were enjoying time off), Dr. Bloom hopped on a plane to S.F. for an advanced dental aesthetics course Mastering The Art of Composite Dentistry. An international star and composite artist, Pascal Magne led a three-day, hands-on intensive on all the methods, tips, and tricks that yield stunning results. This course is the second in the master series, opening up a new digital path where David will now offer milled composite veneers (using his CERAC milling system) as an alternative to porcelain veneers. 

What this means to you…

If you’re considering a smile enhancement with porcelain veneers but would prefer a far less invasive solution, then look no further. David will make your contact lens veneers with a tiny brush and up to 20 different types of composite. With his pallet of composites, he’ll create the look of natural tooth from the inside out. Once you and Dr Bloom agree that you love the contour and shading, he’ll mill the veneers—the milling process makes the composite strong while the design is super thin. Once bonded in, the tooth is functionally stronger and aesthetically gorgeous! As an added bonus, because he’s not using an outside lab, the composite veneer is not only far less invasive but also a more affordable option for a smile enhancement.

Composite Veneers

David with Pascal Magne-Day 2