The Allure of Direct Composite Veneers

Want to see a cosmetic dentist in action?
The procedure involves nothing but buffing and painting-how cool is that?

Here David is buffing and painting on teeth like an artist painting on a canvas. This is the technique for creating Direct Composite Veneers. Using differing shades of composite (like an artist with his palette), you can see the delicate brush he uses as he meticulously paints layers of composite to the teeth, achieving a beautiful, natural look. These veneers will have the allure of natural teeth with shade depth and luminescence. That you had a cosmetic treatment will be your little secret, that you now have a gorgeous smile, well that you can share with the world!

We’re also loving his new floral dude rag. If you have to wear PPE, make it STYLISH!


After-We couldn’t get him to stop smiling!

See the little brush he uses to create his magic.