The Contact Lens Veneer
New to Dr. Bloom’s cosmetic pallet is the contact lens composite veneer—the name refers to its whisper-thin design. This veneer design is ideal for improving the shape/contour of one or more teeth. I call this process direct composite veneer 2.0— where Dr. Bloom uses his pallet to create the cosmetic enhancements on your teeth then pops it off to finish in the lab. In short, we make our own contact lens veneers, therefore, offer all the advantages of in-house.
Dr. Bloom trained with Newton Fahl DMD at a hands-on intensive at his Cosmedent facility—Chicago. If you’re looking for a cosmetic change that is minimally invasive that will give you gorgeous reusults, this is it!

* Newton Fahl DMD is recognized (worldwide) for his mastery in composite dentistry.