You know the feeling.

It hurts to chew, maybe your jaw locks up, maybe you have headaches. We see this in our practice on an almost daily basis. Your bite is out of balance. Like walking around with a pebble in your shoe, you keep adjusting your foot to avoid the pebble—something doesn’t feel right. Do this long enough and you’ll change the way you walk. The same goes for you bite, when it’s off you will (without realizing) adjust how you bite to stop the pain. Our first priority is to get you out of pain quickly, calm everything down. We’ll make you a quick splint, a temporary solution that gets you off your back teeth and lets your jaw come back into its resting position. We’ve just taken the pebble out of your shoe. The Quick Splint is a remarkably effective solution (though temporary)— designed to last up to eight weeks. Within this time (many say they feel better in a few days) we’ll know if the Quick Splint has been successful and recommend investing in a custom designed bite splint, a bite appliance you’ll wear while sleeping. So beautifully made, customized with meticulous detail that you’ll never want to sleep with out it. Patients tell us that they sleep sounder, wake up fresher, some have said it’s even anti-aging.