Laser TMJ Treatment

In the COVID era, we see folks with chronic facial pain almost daily. We know that your pain is real, and just as like a spasm in any other part of our body, we need to calm the fire in your muscles while preventing future flare-ups.
Dr. Bloom, an occlusal specialist, has this expertise. For every patient who can’t open their mouth and/or chew without pain, we’re adding The MLS Cold Laser to our treatment protocol— we call it our secret weapon. Developed and patented in Italy, this unique laser sends synchronized lightwaves (pulsing and continuous) to calm and heal your inflammation. It’s painless and non-invasive and highly effective at providing almost immediate pain relief and long-term healing. By adding the MLS Cold Laser to our core therapies (QuickSplint and our customized bite splint), you can look forward to being free of your joint and muscle pain.