The Contact Lens Veneer—The Nexus between Artist and Dentist.
Purely Cosmetic—Additive only—Non-Invasive.

Pamela here—back with my camera to share an exciting cosmetic treatment where Dr. Bloom’s artistry and skills come alive as he creates the Contact Lens Veneer—named for its whisper-thin design. We think of it as the cousin to the porcelain veneer, except this treatment is Non-Invasive.—it is a No-Prep Veneer—additive only. Like the Direct Composite Veneer, he builds the veneer(s) from the inside, out (up to 20 layers of four different types of composite) to mimic the look of natural tooth then pops it off and finishes by hand. He’ll use up to eight different polishing disks to get the ideal look and fit. Having watched this process, I can tell you it requires a calm hand and head and a boatload of skill and patience.
Cosmetic dentistry in the hands of a master will always look beautiful but never obvious. You’ll get compliments on your gorgeous smile—the details, well, that can be our little secret.