As much as I love to blog about my favorite health and wellness ideas, today I’m compelled to comment on what I see are the ills of corporate dentistry. Of late hitting the airwaves is Clear Choice, a dental implant franchise boasting same day implant solutions.

If you’re a patient you know how we roll and if you’re not, and /or know someone who is curious about Clear Choice please know this. Dental implants are a superb solution for missing teeth however, this is complex treatment, requiring careful coordination with other specialists. Completed treatment is never done in one day.

Stay Clear from Same Day Dental Implant Treatment

The key to successful implant treatment is care, skill and judgment in the planning phase then skillful coordination between the implant dentist, restorative dentist and the dental lab. The more information the better- every implant patient has a digital cat scan so  we can plan precisely where to place the implant -for its success and can be restored to look as natural as possible.

I shake my head when I see misleading ads from the dental franchises like Clear Choice-I assume they will be out of business when their patients realize their same day implant treatment has failed.